Rapidly analyze all of your marketing activity with a single, unified view of program engagement and performance. Or, granularly sort through results in minutes to uncover the leads that align exactly to your MQL and sales strategies.

With 15 filters and thousands of ways to dissect your data, Visionayr’s Analytics UI isn’t another dashboard—it’s a solution.

Track engagement from across the web back to a known contact or company record. Easily view scored intent profiles of individual prospects that make starting the right conversations easier than ever.

  • Unique Visitors
  • Multi-Touch Visitors
  • Total Engagement Time
  • Top Performing Content
  • Top Industries
  • Top Regions
  • Engagement by Source
  • Surging Accounts
  • Top Titles
  • Qualifying Responses
  • Name and Job Title
  • Company Information
  • Contact Information
  • Assets Viewed
  • Time Spent
  • Number of Sessions
  • Sources Engaged
  • Intent Profile & Score
  • Number of Visitors
  • Key Visitors
  • Account Trends
  • Revenue
  • Regions
  • Install Fields
  • Employee Size

Recognition Ai — Building Stories of Intent

Your prospects leave clues to their intent in the form of hundreds of online interactions per day. Visionayr’s advanced lead monitoring captures these data trails to build comprehensive lead and account profiles behind each user that engages with your brand.

Powered by data, the Recognition AI tracks behavior from various online campaigns and attributes high-value actions back to known individual contacts—unifying insights across many campaigns and channels, and enabling you to extract more value from each lead and make data-driven marketing and sales decisions.

market Recognition
Visionayr’s Analytics UI was designed around a sole tenet: visibility.

Looking for prospects that viewed two specific pieces of content, are from a target region or industry, or engaged for more than 30 minutes? With 15 fields, Visionayr’s Analytics UI lets you mix and match criteria to quickly identify and access the leads you need with unencumbered ease and precision.