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Technology to empower your marketing and sales teams with deeper, unified insights into every engagement.

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Tailored to your brand and optimized for seamless, uninterrupted engagement, Visionayr content experiences allow you to package your content to tell your story exactly the way you want it.

Arrange content to speak to a common market pain point, a solution benefit, or targeted personas.

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While viewers scroll and move from one piece to the next, the intelligent monitoring engine captures which assets were viewed and for how long, and automatically scores prospects based on engagement thresholds set by you.

This information is aggregated for display in the analytics module, and high-scoring prospects are flagged and routed properly to your CRM.

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Visionayr revolutionizes all of your web content by layering intelligent monitoring technology behind each page. Once published on any channel, engagement activity is tracked, aggregated, and attributed to visitors' intent profiles.

Bundle relevant content together to encourage self-nurturing via our experience interface. Or, simply implement Visionayr Monitoring Technology on your forms, ads, standalone content, and website.

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Every visitor to your content is matched against our 160M+ database of B2B buyers, resulting in a higher rate of known prospects and allowing you to extend your campaign’s reach.

By translating unknown visitors from email, social and ad channels, and creating a single profile of intent for each prospect’s activity across the web, Visionayr Analytics provide rich results that put more context behind every lead.

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Built on our industry-leading global database of 160M+ B2B records—the key component to the engine’s architecture—Visionayr enables marketers to translate anonymous metrics into actionable contact, account, intent, and install-base information as it builds and scores detailed profiles of every visitor.

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